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Libraries are central parts of any community. University Libraries are no different, they are the heart of any campus. After asking students and faculty about their wants, needs, and pain points regarding the Gutman Library, I identified wayfinding, lack of dedicated spaces, and printing access as some of the main pain points to tackle.

map mock 2.jpg

I tackled wayfinding by creating simple and easily accessible maps to the space, available in print as well as wall graphics. The maps showcase important aspects of any library space, such as printers, charging stations, photocopiers, bathrooms, and more.


To tackle the pain point of dedicated spaces, I split up the three floors of the space into designated areas. A space for collaboration, exploration, and research and study. The designated use of the space inspired spatial layout as well as furniture choices and placement.

Shown above, is a look at possible furniture choices for each designated space and its intended use.

service app mock.png

Information is also available for students through the Gutman Library app. Students can view a space's features, services, furniture choices, and seating availability. The app also allows users to identify where a space falls on a range of factors, including flexibility, comfort, and sound level.

Service app mock 2 copy.png
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