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D’s Kitchen is a flexible Diabetes Meal System for adolescents ages 10-15. This meal kit is designed to give adolescents the building blocks they need to independently take control of their food choices and eating habits. Each user is able to have their meal system customized to their specific needs based on their age, weight, lifestyle, and blood sugar. Upon first receiving their first meal kit from D’s Kitchen, users are supplied with useful information they can hold on to helping them identify and make the most fitting food choices based on their needs and specified carb intake suggested by their doctor.

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Each meal kit comes with a multitude of “snacks” that users can choose from depending on needed carb count, and most importantly what they’re in the mood for. Users can also utilize the accompanying app to track meals, blood sugar, and interact with other adolescents with diabetes. D’s kitchen is designed to be flexible, educational, and empowering during all stages of diabetes diagnosis and management.


A series of welcome materials that empower and give adolescents with diabetes the autonomy to be able to make healthy and sustainable food choices on their own whether it’s regarding a D’s Meal, an experience eating out, or even while cooking a meal of their own!

These resources provide users with a quick guide for their recommended carbs as recommended by their doctor, as well as information on carb counting, portion sizes as well as reading nutritional labels.


This resource can be utilized for adolescents with diabetes to track their meals, what they’re eating, and their blood sugar before and after their meal. This can be utilized as a fridge magnet for easy access and visibility to keep caregivers updated about their child’s eating habits and blood sugar levels, while also allowing the young diabetes patient to easily keep track of their eating habits and notify their busy caregivers of any changes, and updates regarding their food choices and sugar levels. This can be utilized in conjunction with the app by quickly snapping a picture and keeping an easily accessible record of information for the child, caregiver, and doctor in order to better cater meal choices!

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