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Inspired by the Designs for Different Futures exhibit and Agi Haine's Transfigurations project.

Evolving science continues to push the boundaries of ethics, making us wonder what will be ethical in the not-so-distant future? "Build-A-Baby" poses many ethical concerns. Could this improve lives or simply create more structural and economic barriers further increasing health disparities?


Build-A-Baby allows users to customize their future child by easily altering features such as the color of their eyes, the shape of their nose, or even the color of their skin. However, Build-A-Baby doesn’t stop there. Users also have many other life-changing options such as the ability to alter their future child’s muscular structure, allowing them to become physically elite, or decrease their likelihood of developing specific diseases allowing them to become immune and ultimately live longer. Could this be the future of health? or is it just the epitome of inequity?

KIOSK 18.png
KIOSK 20.png

Conveniently, as users select their preferred alterations, they can also track their child’s level of attractiveness based on the choices selected.

KIOSK 21.png
KIOSK 24_newweb.png
Baby Reciept.png

Finally, users are given a receipt highlighting their chosen alterations and the accumulative cost of their choices.
Keep in mind, the more costly their alterations are, the healthier, more beautiful, and ultimately more elite their child is.

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