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Philadelphia ranks 4th worst in the United States for Asthma prevalence due to poverty, and 13% of children in Philadelphia suffer from the disease. Simultaneously, Black youth are nine times more likely to be hospitalized due to Asthma. This is due to poor rental housing, housing near highways, and the inability to pay medical bills. Unfortunately, there is a lack of easy and digestible knowledge surrounding asthma in lower-income communities. Asthma Academy is an asthma education system with the ability to be implemented in the classroom. Focused on informing children of the triggers of asthma as well as the signs of an asthma attack. Educating a child educates a community and therefore the goal for creating this system is to begin to educate the Philadelphia community about asthma in hopes that they are uplifted and empowered to advocate for socioeconomic factors currently leading to the high prevalence of asthma amongst the youth in their community.

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